5 Ways to Build a Business While Helping Local Communities

Thanks to the internet and other modern technologies, there’s no need to wait until retirement to travel the world. However, those living in a foreign country often want to become part of their new communities, as becoming a contributing member of your adopted society can make your life even more rewarding. Here are five ways to build a business while contributing to others in your new community.

Website Development

If you have a designer’s eye and a keen understanding of WordPress or any of the other website platforms available, then you may be able to market those skills into a website development business. A WordPress site combined with high quality writing, professional-looking graphics, and a solid, professional theme is the basis for what businesses in your adopted country need. Use your own website as part of your portfolio and talk to local businesses about your skills as you go about your day.

Social Media Work

Social media is now a core component to running a number of businesses, but most people in have little experience or understanding of how to use social media successfully. Simply being able to set up and advertise social media campaigns can be tremendously helpful, especially for businesses that target English speakers. When visiting hotels and other places frequented by tourists, consider offering contracted social media work. Of course, use your own social platforms as your portfolio.

Writing Work

English is widely spoken throughout the world, and your English proficiency can help you aid your new community while setting up a new business. Set a fair writing rate, and also consider offering editing and proofreading services for those who know English but lack native-like fluency. You might also consider offering private English lessons or inquire if there’s a local international school where English-speaking teachers are in high demand. In many countries, knowledge of English can lead to better jobs and other opportunities within the community.

Computer Coaching and Classes

Another option to consider is offering computer tutoring. Even a budget laptop offers tremendous opportunities, but many people don’t understand just how powerful they can be. Your experience as a digital nomad will give you expertise in making the most of computers, and you can share this information with others to help them become better integrated into the digital world. 

One great option is offering free classes for groups of people. Some of those in attendance might want to later schedule private lessons, and you can use these courses to show just how powerful computers can be while helping your new community develop computer proficiency.

Part-Time Work

A great way to learn about your new home is to spend some time working out in the community. Part-time work is a great way to meet others, better understand your surroundings, and get a break from working in front of your computer. Find out what industries are important in your new location. In some cases, work can be an excellent way to get a bit of exercise, and outdoor work can be a wonderful means of getting some fresh air and enjoying natural beauty.

One of the most important aspects to succeeding as a digital nomad is being flexible. While having a core business can help you generate a sustainable income, being able to offer services in your new community can be enriching and help you feel like you belong. Reach out to others early to show you want to be a contributing member of your adopted society.

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