The Power Of Mindfulness

Change the Way You Think and Get What You Want From Life  

If there is one ability that you could learn that would make every single aspect of your life better, what would it be? 

Undoubtedly, it would be the ability to control your emotions and to control the way you think. 

This might sound like a surprising claim but the ability to control your emotions and the way you respond to a situation is not only the secret to happiness, but also the secret to being able to get whatever you want from life. 

Why? Because it’s our interpretation of events, more than the events themselves, that dictate our happiness, mood and performance. Not only that, but our emotions and the neurotransmitters that control them are what alter our ability to focus, to remember information and to be creative. 

This training is going to show you how to tap into all those things and at the same time, it will show you how you can simply get some peace and quiet by calming your mind and taking a time out. 

Read on and get ready to change your life…  

Module 1 - What Is Mindfulness

Module 2 - How To Start Using Mindfulness

Module 3 - Introducing Cognitive Restructuring 

Module 4 - How To Use Cognitive Restructuring In The Real World

Module 5 - Stress and Flow States

Module 6 - Tapping Into Hidden Powers

Module 7 - Why You Should Visualize

Module 8 - The Power Of Belief

Module 9 - Conclusion

What Is Mindfulness

So what exactly is mindfulness? Essentially, mindfulness is a form of meditation that has been adopted by CBT. CBT in turn is ‘cognitive behavioral therapy’; a psychotherapeutic approach that can be used to treat all manner of psychological conditions like anxiety, phobias, addiction etc. 

Mindfulness essentially gives us a tool that we can use to not only calm our thoughts and escape the stressors of the day but also reflect on the contents of our mind in the interests of self-improvement.  


How To Start Using Mindfulness


Headspace (Guided Meditation App)


Introducing Cognitive Restructuring

Mindfulness and cognitive restructuring go together like chutney and cheese. In CBT, mindfulness is usually used in conjunction with cognitive restructuring to the point that they are inseparable. 

Using mindfulness meditation and mindfulness in waking life is going to help you learn to step back from your emotions and over time, you’ll find that you become calmer, more focused and happier. 


How To Use Cognitive Restructuring In The Real World



Stress and Flow States  


Tapping Into Hidden Powers


Why You Should Visualize


The Power Of Belief